We’re helping B2B marketers rise above the noise

Founded by Ian Faison as the first Podcast-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider, Caspian Studios is on a mission to help marketers build remarkable podcasts, content and communities that improve people’s careers. 

Caspian is the premier end-to-end podcast solution for B2B companies.

Our team has created 30+ podcasts and multiple award-winning shows for millions of listeners worldwide.

You can read our founding story here.

We are marketers.

We believe marketing should be helpful and entertaining. It should be remarkable. So good that you actually talk to someone else about it!

Podcasts are remarkable. They spark discussion. They democratize information. They are a force for good. They change people’s lives and trajectories. They are a perfect vehicle to bring practitioner driven insights directly to anyone in the world. Plus they are a hands free, screen-free experience that can be consumed mobile or on desktop. 

Podcasts changed our lives (read more here).

Caspian Philosophy

We believe that the key to creating great business content aligns three communities.


Marketing leaders who want to build content and communities to help their customers.


Groups of like-minded people who want to learn from leaders at the cutting edge.


Business leaders who have best practices and want to share that information with the world.

Focused on Experience

Customer Experience

Caspian is 100% committed to customer success. We manage weekly or bi-weekly customer success calls to ensure that we are delivering a fantastic podcast. You will have unlimited access to our customer success team to ensure you are getting the best possible results.  

Guest Experience

We take our podcast guest stories very seriously. Many times our episodes are like a biography, and we want the story to be incredible. We have a “white-glove” policy to ensure success and to provide the most remarkable interview experience they have ever received.

Audience Experience 

Our goal is to inspire, educate and entertain. Our goal is for each podcast to make a “promise” to the listener and that every episode we deliver on that promise. This includes the highest quality guests, thoughtful questions, smart editing, and exceptional audio and sound design.  

Company Values

Integrity is the only way. Build trust. Practice Resiliency. Have fun and celebrate. Improve every day. Be customer-obsessed. Have a creator mindset.


Ian Faison
CEO and Founder
Kyle Rusca
Head of customer success
Jon Libbey
Head of Production


Scott Holden
CMO, ThoughtSpot
Sara Varni
CMO, Twilio
Kraig Swensrud
CEO, Qualified
Phil Dillard
Chandar Pattabhiram
CMO, Coupa
Lauren Vaccarello
CMO, Talend
Nate Skinner
SVP, Oracle
Tom Butta

Why Caribou?

  • Caribou antlers are the fastest-growing animal tissue in nature (fast growth, just like our podcasts!)
  • Caribou live in herds and have a “herd mentality”
    (Like a podcast community! Strength in numbers!)
  • Caribou travel long distances together
    (Like the journey we start with our customers)
  • Female and male caribou both regrow antlers every year which is a massive effort (hard work pays off!)
  • Caribou like to have fun (we made this up but it sounds right!)
  • Plus Caribou antlers make a C (just like Caspian!)