Infomercial Montages, The Wizard of Oz, and Before/After Ideas


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1. Star Wars

More than any other film of its time – STAR WARS was known for its large-scale world building and spectacle creation. The level of thought, creativity and ingenuity that went into creating this world (well… universe) and everyone and everything that inhabits it was mind-bending. While a lot of things are shown and spelled out in the film – George Lucas left the door open for so much more exploration (fan fiction, industry theories, etc)... that left people wanting more. Clearly this was well executed because the first film tee’d up a franchise that is still being grown to this day

Remarkable Takeaway: Build big (epic) worlds/stories but don’t give it all away. Open the door, show audiences the gloss and the shine but leave them wanting more. Keep them coming back, keep them guessing. Your customer is Luke. You are Obi-wan. Your product is the light saber! Obi-wan teaches him by slowly giving him the information because he can’t handle it all at once. 

Example: Webflow makes instructional videos that have tutorials and bits and pieces.