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Most B2B content is kinda boring...let's change that together.
Hollywood-style storytelling for B2B
The next evolution in B2B content marketing. Rise above the noise with the business thriller.
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WATCH: What is a Business Thriller?
What is the Caspian Business Thriller? 
engage Your target audience with Hollywood-style storytelling:
Scripted fiction podcast series
100% out-of-the-box
Designed for B2B audiences
Fast-paced, comedic, creative story
Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Who-dunnit
Format: Fiction Podcast
Season 1: 10 Episodes
Talent: A-List Hollywood Talent and Voice Actors
Audience: Target of 100k Listeners in Season 1
B2B PERSONA: story set in Marketing, Sales, Security, hr, vc, comms, data, I.T., various industry verticals and more.
Your customers already listen to this type of content. You just aren't making it yet. Meet them where they are.
  • 383M people globally listen to podcasts.
  • Crime, mystery, and comedy are the top genres.
  • Massive opportunity to create realistic business content with a twist.
  • bingeable format designed for on-the-go listening.
The business thriller is designed to educate AND entertain
Meet Alice: barista, colleague, neighbor, friend, aspiring hacker. When life throws one punch too many, Alice turns to the dark web to make ends meet. Ready-made ransomware is cheap, but the cost is higher. When her attack reaches the nation’s halls of power, the world comes crashing down—starting with her own. Listen to The Hacker Chronicles wherever you enjoy your podcasts.
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let's make some magic!
We have ready-made business thriller pitches waiting for you.

Caspian's slate of programming includes stories set in IT, Marketing, Sales, Security, hr, vc, comms, data and more.

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