What is a production company for a podcast?

With the popularity of podcasts on the rise, it's no wonder that B2B companies are starting to think about what they need to make their own. A lot of podcasts start with just one person and grow from there, but you will definitely need help at some point — and that’s where a podcast production company comes in. 

What are podcast production companies?

A production company is a business that helps you produce your podcast. This can mean they help with the technical side of podcasting, as well as marketing and promotion. A good production company will also have access to tools like a website builder where you can create an online home for your show, which makes it easier for listeners to find new episodes as they come out.

A podcast production company will also be able to help with the technical side of podcasting. This can include recording and editing your episodes, as well as creating an online home for your show (usually in the form of a microsite).

Here are some of the roles involved in making a podcast at a podcast production company: 

  • Executive Producer / Editor: Oversees all content and production.
  • Growth Marketing Manager: Oversees all growth marketing of the show.
  • Booking / PR Manager: Oversees all prospecting, correspondence and booking with guests.  Leverages network of comms professionals to book guests.
  • Lead Producer / Writer: Manages daily production of the show. Strong project manager skills. Able to book and juggle multiple guests, hosts, and audio production. Fills in gaps where needed. Often tied to email to coordinate, especially for in-studio guests. Edits email newsletter. 
  • Audio / Video Engineer: Converts raw audio to production ready audio and video.
  • Associate Producer / Researcher / Copywriter: Creates research and prep docs. Creates searchable copy for each episode. Skilled in email marketing to help support podcast releases so audiences can find the shows. Writes email newsletter. Creates digital assets for publication in email, podcasts, landing pages, advertisements, and social media publishing. 
  • Host: The star of your podcast, or co-stars.

How do podcast production companies make money?

Podcast production companies can make money in several ways. They can charge clients a fee for services, sell advertising slots, or even sell their own products and services. A podcast production company like Caspian Studios has varying levels of pricing for their services depending on the depth of the work involved. 

For example, at Caspian Studios, we offer comprehensive, turnkey plans along with customized quotes to fit every customer’s needs. Production companies usually charge more for production and growth, versus just production work. 

An important aspect in any podcast production company is having talented podcast producers to help bring customers’ podcasts to life. Podcast producers are an integral part of a podcast team's structure.

How do I find a podcast producer?

The first step in finding a podcast producer is to find someone with experience in the field. They should have worked on similar projects, or at least have extensive knowledge of how things work. You also want to make sure they're a good fit for your podcast and its goals--if they don't believe in what you're doing, or don't feel like they can help grow your audience, then it will be hard for them to provide value beyond their basic services.

You'll want someone who has built up relationships over time and has worked with several different kinds of businesses. Podcast production companies have a solid team of podcast producers ready to make your podcast a success. 

Once you’ve found a podcast production company and have your podcast producer, you’ll want to think about how you can build out your audience.

How do I start a podcast with no audience?

If you have no audience and want to start a podcast, the first thing you should do is determine who your audience is, and what your podcast will be about. Split your business’s audience into personas and decide which personas you are catering your podcast to. 

Podcasts are great for sharing knowledge and educating listeners on various topics, as well as for building a community with your customers. You can talk about anything, but the more niche you are within your industry, the better. 

Here are some tips for how you can build an audience for your show when it launches:

  • Be consistent with releasing episodes. 
  • Create an email list so people can sign up for notifications when new episodes come out or special offers are available only through email subscriptions.
  • Create a website or microsite for your podcast where listeners can find more information about each episode (like show notes), as well as links back into social media accounts where they can follow hosts and guests who appear regularly on air during each new episode. 

A podcast production company can help build out your audience personas, develop your show idea, and more! Contact us today to learn more.