Podcast Recording Setup

What is the best podcast recording setup?

Written by Ian Faison

I have to weigh in on one of the things that we get asked most often… what gear should I buy??

Podcast Setup

Well, I talked to our Head of Content Ops Bradley to get the details. Our team has managed 1,000+ podcast episodes and have seen everything from people recording on a train, to a coffee shop, to using a tin can (ok maybe not, but it sounded like that). 

First, a few clarifying questions. 

Are you a podcast host? Are you going to be recording semi-frequently? Or just want to feel fancy?

A High End Setup

Here is our rec for the Highest end recording setup option (non-USB):

Medium-High End Setup (USB)

A great option if you are just going to do a few podcasts as a guest but want to sound great (and sound great on team calls!)

See options for headphones, web camera, and lighting below!


Web Camera:

Lots of options for webcams. Highly recommend something other than what’s on your computer.