Elevating Brick and Mortar
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When you’re not at home or outside, chances are you’re inside a managed facility. And whether you notice it or not, there are teams that have dedicated countless hours to designing and maintaining that space and the experience you’re having inside it. Facilities are a core part of the customer experience, whether you’re in a retail, restaurant, grocery, convenience, health or any other type of location offering goods and services. As the physical manifestation of a brand, and therefore the gateway to customer loyalty, facilities should be a focus area for a company’s attention and resources. But for too long the perception of facilities has been synonymous with simply fixing broken things. The fact is, seeing facilities as just a reactive cost center, a line item in the budget is outdated and short-sighted. Today’s leading brands and most innovative companies see the planning and care of their brick and mortar spaces as a critical component of driving revenue and brand performance.On this podcast, you’ll hear the world’s top professionals in operations and facilities detail how they’re transforming their organizations and driving peak performance, from the ground up. So tap the follow button, and get ready to join Elevating Brick and Mortar.Powered by the team at ServiceChannel.