How We Made That App
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Welcome to “How We Made That App,” where we explore the crazy, wild, and sometimes downright bizarre stories behind the creation of some of the world's most popular apps, hosted by the always charming and devastatingly handsome Madhukar Kumar. After starting his career as a developer and then as a product manager, he is now the Chief Marketing Officer at SingleStore. And he's here to take you on a journey through the data, challenges, and obstacles that app developers face on the road to creating their masterpieces.

On each episode, we'll dive deep into the origins of a different app and find out what went into making it the success it is today. We'll explore the highs and lows of development, the technical challenges that had to be overcome, and the personalities and egos that clashed along the way.

With a signature blend of irreverent humor, snarky commentary and, razor-sharp wit, we'll keep you entertained and informed as we explore the cutting edge of app development. So grab your favorite coding language, crank up the volume, and join us for “How We Made That App,” brought to you by the top app-building platform wizards at SingleStore.