Inside the Fraud Lab
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Fraud is big business, costing the global economy over $5 trillion per year. Professional fraudsters are organized, skilled, and actively looking for ways to defraud your business. If you’re responsible for protecting a business from fraud, it can seem impossible to stay ahead in the digital age.

We’re here to help. Come with us “Inside the Fraud Lab” to hear from the world’s top fraud experts on what they’re seeing in the field — from fraud rings, to synthetic identities, to AI-generated deep fakes — so you can learn how to be proactive in the fraud arms race.

In each episode, we'll bring you expert insights from the frontlines of fraud prevention, diving deep into identity verification, digital identity, fraud detection, customer onboarding, regulatory compliance, KYC & AML, and much more.

Join us for “Inside the Fraud Lab,” and learn how to protect your business and livelihood. Brought to you by the identity experts at Onfido.