The New Automation Mindset
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Welcome to "The New Automation Mindset: AI + Automation + Integration," a groundbreaking podcast series by Workato. On this show, we bring you real-world stories of business efficiency, agility, growth, and transformation from executive leaders in the industry.
In each episode, we dive deep into the minds of top-level executives who have successfully embraced automation to work faster, smarter, and more securely without compromising governance. From Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups, we explore the strategies, challenges, and triumphs of these forward-thinking leaders. Hear firsthand accounts of how automation has revolutionized their organizations, enabling them to unlock new levels of productivity, drive innovation, and fuel business growth. Gain valuable insights on navigating AI, digital transformation, streamlining workflows, integrating systems, and optimizing processes to achieve seamless operations across your enterprise.

We believe that automation is not just a technology but a mindset.
Join us on "The New Automation Mindset" – a leadership blueprint to reshape your organization for success in the digital age.