Unprompted: AI, Marketing and You
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Are robots coming for your jobs?
Unprompted explores the ways that artificial intelligence is—and isn’t—transforming the world of digital marketing. We talk to experts, amateurs, and sometimes AI itself to figure out what’s legit, what’s hype, and what human marketers really need to know.
From limitless content generation to maybe a dystopian nightmare where robots replace us all, we’ll explore the latest breakthroughs in AI marketing, work through the ethics of this new tech, and try to understand how businesses can best use AI to their own advantage.
Artificial intelligence is moving stupidly, scarily fast. Join our hosts as we try to make sense of the wild, wonderous, and sometimes downright weird world of AI marketing—no prompting required.
Unprompted is brought to you by the real, human people at Unbounce—and hosted by Pete Housley.