Case Study


Witness DataStax’s transformation from 300 downloads to 45,000 per episode, establishing them as a top voice in the data industry.

About Datastax

DataStax is a real-time AI company. With DataStax, any enterprise can mobilize real-time data and quickly build smart, high-growth applications at unlimited scale, on any cloud. DataStax delivers the Astra DB cloud database built on Apache Cassandra® and the Astra Streaming event streaming technology built on Apache Pulsar™. Hundreds of the world’s leading enterprises, including Verizon, Audi, ESL Gaming and many more rely on DataStax to unleash the power of real-time data to win new markets and change industries.

“The value that Caspian provides is white glove service, and also the visibility that we're getting through the paid ads, in addition to the professionalism of the team.”

Audra Montenegro
Community Program Manager

Enhancing DataStax Reach and Professionalism through Caspian Partnership


The podcast's initial strategy leaned heavily on the podcast host, their Chief Strategy Officer’s  personal reach, resulting in limited organic traction. The team aimed to streamline post-production processes and broaden their audience base. DataStax, the primary sponsor, sought to establish the podcast as a leading voice in the data field.


The partnership with Caspian yielded a significant transformation. Caspian's white-glove service provided seamless tech checks, polished post-production, and strategic distribution across major platforms such as Spotify, Apple, and Google. This collaboration enhanced production quality, speaker experience, and distribution efficiency.


Caspian's involvement brought about key changes:

  • Production Professionalism: Caspian's creative input elevated the podcast's branding with improved music and graphics.
  • Speaker Experience: Comprehensive tech checks and briefings streamlined guest interactions, simplifying the recording process.
  • Distribution and Visibility: The partnership enabled enhanced visibility through distribution on major platforms and utilization of Caspian's paid ad campaigns.

Project Management: Caspian's oversight facilitated adherence to schedules and tasks, bolstering the podcast's consistency.


  • Audience Growth: Downloads surged from an average of 300-350 per episode to over 45,000 across 60 episodes.
  • Award: Chosen for Best Data Podcasts in 2022: Airbyte Staff Picks!
  • Recognition: The podcast gained recognition as a top data podcast, aligning with DataStax’s ambition to lead in the field.
  • Efficiency and Professionalism: Caspian's services streamlined workflow, allowing hosts to focus on content, improving the podcast's professionalism.
  • Expansion into AI Podcasting: Following this success, the podcast aims to become a top AI podcast in the industry.


The collaboration illustrated how strategic engagement with a podcast production service like Caspian can significantly amplify a podcast's reach, professionalism, and overall impact. Through Caspian's meticulous approach, the podcast achieved notable growth, positioning itself as a frontrunner in its field and setting the stage for further expansion.