Case Study

Pipeline Visionaries

Qualified boosts brand and content strategy with podcast, Gaining 150K downloads and industry recognition through strategic guest selection and quality focus.

About Qualified 

Qualified disrupts the modern pipeline generation process by giving marketing and sales leaders a newer, faster way to grow pipeline with the Pipeline Cloud, powered by Qualified AI. 

The Pipeline Cloud turns your website into a pipeline generation machine by helping companies maximize website conversions with live chat, chatbots, meeting scheduling, marketing offers, and actionable intent data. 

Our podcast series was the best marketing investment we ever made.

Maura Rivera

Qualified Builds Brand Awareness and Content Machine Through Podcasting


In early 2020, Qualified faced a dilemma common to many small marketing teams: how to build brand awareness with a limited team while creating valuable, unique content that stood out in a crowded market. The challenge was to tackle two significant goals simultaneously.


To address these challenges, the team at Qualified sought innovative ways to build brand awareness and deliver high-quality content. They recognized the potential of podcasting as the next big channel for reaching their target audience of VPs of demand gen and CMOs at B2B companies using Salesforce.

Podcasts were appealing because they offered the opportunity to create diverse content, including video clips, sound bites, and studio interviews. The team carefully planned their podcast, focusing on two critical aspects:

Content Creation

  • The team brainstormed and defined their podcast's core concept: helping demand gen leaders and CMOs learn from their peers' playbooks.
  • They emphasized the importance of discussing successful strategies, tactics, and even failures to provide valuable insights.
  • Attention was given to the show's branding, ensuring it exuded quality and innovation.

2. Guest Selection

  • They curated a guest list of top-tier industry experts, aiming to secure influential guests in the initial episodes to attract further high-caliber guests.
  • They consulted their podcasting partner, Caspian, for guidance on success metrics, episode length, and overall strategy.


The team partnered closely with Caspian to execute their podcasting vision. Caspian provided support in various aspects, including episode production, guest outreach, and strategic planning. Key implementation steps included:

  • Defining a unique opening track and show design to set the podcast apart.
  • Crafting engaging episodes featuring industry leaders and experts.
  • Utilizing Caspian's expertise to drive guest acquisition and episode production.
  • Promoting the podcast through various channels, including the company blog and social media.


Qualified’s podcasting initiative has yielded substantial results, significantly impacting multiple areas. Employee pride was evident in the content's quality, and the podcast, Pipeline Visionaries, became an invaluable tool for enhancing interactions with clients and prospects.

The initiative also significantly enhanced the brand’s credibility, with the participation of high-profile guests and respected brands elevating the company’s reputation. Pipeline Visionaries enabled crucial networking opportunities, leading to beneficial partnerships and collaborations within the industry.

The podcast has proven to be a significant referral source, becoming a trusted information reservoir for marketers seeking industry insights. The team maintained consistent branding and content delivery, focusing on maximizing the value of each episode and increasing the podcast’s reach.

With 50,000 downloads, Pipeline Visionaries has received recognition and contributed considerably to the company’s brand awareness and the strengthening of its content marketing strategy.


Qualified's podcasting journey successfully addressed the challenges of building brand awareness and creating a robust content machine. By focusing on content quality, influential guest selection, and strategic promotion, they achieved remarkable results. The podcast not only enhanced the company's credibility but also opened doors to valuable networking opportunities and partnerships. 

Overall, it served as a testament to the power of podcasting in modern marketing strategies, delivering tangible benefits beyond metrics and reports. Qualified's dedication to innovative content creation and strategic collaboration with Caspian played a crucial role in their success, making their podcasting venture a home run.