Case Study


Uncover how Simpplr's 'Cohesion' podcast garnered 4,500 downloads per episode, solidifying Simpplr as an employee experience thought leader.

About Simpplr

Simpplr is a modern intranet platform that helps businesses streamline their operations and improve the employee experience through the use of simple, intuitive tools and processes. Simpplr’s intranet platform is purpose-built from research and designed with best practices to help deliver a seamless, cohesive, and personalized employee experience for everyone—wherever and however they work.

"The podcast is our best content, best thought leadership content, and top-of-funnel content that we currently put out to the universe."

Amanda Berry
Corporate Communications Manager

Simpplr's Thought Leadership Journey: From Cultivation to Brand Amplification


Simpplr had a vision to become a major thought leader in the employee experience realm and wanted to tie their products into insightful content. But there was a hitch – they lacked the expertise to create engaging podcasts. The needed was to find a partner who could make their podcasting dreams come true.


Simpplr teamed up with Caspian to navigate the world of podcasting and create content that would resonate with their audience. One day, Simpplr's podcast dream was set into motion. The podcast covered everything from using brain waves to assess employee engagement to fighting Slack monsters during meetings. Amidst these personal anecdotes, the conversation steered towards the core challenge: establishing thought leadership in the employee experience domain.


Caspian helped Simpplr craft their podcast strategy and connect with noteworthy guests, propelling Simpplr into the spotlight as a thought leader. A standout feature was the collaboration and support offered by Caspian's team. Their knack for transforming casual conversations into professional podcast episodes was praised. They handled every detail, from recording and editing to crafting captivating social media content and promotional materials.

The podcast began generating qualitative data through conferences, where people recognized Simpplr's brand due to the podcast. Even though the direct ROI wasn't extensively measured, the podcast undoubtedly contributed to increased interest and brand engagement.

As the podcast gained momentum, Simpplr considered repurposing podcast content into webinars, blog posts, and more, envisioning a dynamic content strategy for the future.


Through this podcasting partnership, Simpplr achieved remarkable results:

  • They receive approximately 4,500 downloads per episode, which puts them in the top 10% of podcasts!
  • The podcast established Simpplr as a thought leader in the employee experience field.
  • Brand awareness soared as the podcast resonated with audiences and sparked conversations.
  • Engagements at industry events, conferences, and positive feedback validated the podcast's impact.
  • The qualitative data collected indicated the podcast's effectiveness in enhancing brand recognition and interest.

Lessons Learned

The collaboration with Caspian showcased the power of leveraging podcasting for brand awareness and thought leadership. It underscored the importance of partnering with experts who could seamlessly guide every step of the podcasting journey, from content creation to promotion.

Looking Ahead

Simpplr has its sights set on further maximizing their podcast content. They plan to repurpose it across various channels and explore more ways to leverage their thought leadership in the ever-evolving landscape of employee experience.


The Simpplr-Caspian partnership exemplifies how podcasting can elevate thought leadership, foster brand awareness, and spark meaningful conversations in the business world. With Caspian's support, Simpplr not only ventured into podcasting but also succeeded in positioning themselves as a formidable thought leader in their industry.