Case Study

The Segment: A Zero Trust Leadership Podcast

Discover how Illumio exceeded their goal with a 166% increase in podcast downloads and solidified industry leadership.

About Illumio

Illumio, a leader in the Zero Trust Segmentation space, sought to enhance its brand awareness and further establish itself as a thought leader in the cybersecurity industry. The company aimed to leverage multimedia content to engage its target audience and deliver comprehensive insights while navigating the challenges posed by standing out in a saturated market landscape.

"Our podcast has helped significantly boost brand recognition, engagement, and affinity within the organization."

Ali Wilson
Communications Manager

Illumio Shines: Advancing Brand Awareness and Thought Leadership


In a big market inundated with Zero Trust providers, Illumio aimed to differentiate itself and provide an authentic, holistic perspective of its “assume breach” ethos. The company needed a multimedia solution to effectively communicate its expertise and engage prospects, while strengthening its leadership position.


Illumio partnered with Caspian Studios to create The Segment: A Zero Trust Leadership Podcast that sought to serve as a platform for Zero Trust thought leadership and engage a wider audience on a deeper level. The podcast featured a diverse range of guests, including industry experts and C-level security leaders, to broaden the conversation around Zero Trust - offering digestible insights and real-life examples of the strategy in action. Caspian's expertise in multimedia content creation and strategic guidance ensured that the podcast aligned with Illumio's business goals.


The podcast project was seamlessly executed by the collaboration between Illumio and Caspian Studios. Illumio's commitment to the project and Caspian's strategic guidance ensured that the podcast content resonated with the audience and effectively reflected the company's core values. The podcast episodes were complemented by a well-coordinated multimedia push, including social assets, YouTube videos, and blog posts.


  • Illumio’s goal was to achieve 14,400 downloads by the end of Season 1. However, they greatly exceeded this goal by achieving a remarkable 166% increase.
  • Brand Awareness and Thought Leadership: The podcast solidified Illumio's position as a thought leader in the industry, amplifying its voice and expertise in the Zero Trust space.
  • Engagement Mechanism: The podcast successfully engaged the audience, generating proactive outreach from clients, prospects, and customers interested in participating in the conversation.
  • Cultural Impact: The podcast became a cultural pillar within Illumio, fostering engagement and collaboration among teams and highlighting business leaders.

Value and Achievements

  • Multidimensional Value: The podcast offered multifaceted value, combining brand recognition, engagement, culture-building, and thought leadership.
  • Comprehensive Guest List: The inclusion of a diverse range of guests contributed to a comprehensive exploration of the Zero Trust concept, enriching the conversation.
  • Peace of Mind: The collaboration with Caspian Studios provided Illumio with the confidence that its content aligned with industry best practices and resonated with the target audience.
  • Strategic Guidance: Caspian's expertise enabled Illumio to strategize effectively, enhancing the reach and impact of the podcast.


By partnering with Caspian Studios, Illumio successfully navigated the complexities of the multimedia landscape, producing a high-impact podcast that not only achieved its set goals but also exceeded expectations. Through strategic guidance, thoughtful content creation, and strong collaboration, the podcast has contributed significantly to Illumio's brand amplification and thought leadership in the competitive Zero Trust space.