Case Study


From 70K+ total downloads to 39 engaging episodes, Synack cements its position as a cybersecurity pioneer.

About Synack

Synack is a cybersecurity company that provides penetration testing and vulnerability management services to help organizations identify and mitigate security risks. Their on-demand security testing platform harnesses a vetted community of security researchers and smart technology to deliver actionable recommendations for improvement.

In a landscape where branding and thought leadership converge, Synack, a cybersecurity trailblazer, recognized the dual significance of showcasing its specialized knowledge and fostering the cybersecurity community pivotal to the company’s model. This entailed reaching beyond the conventional social media and blogs. The objectives were two-fold: to expand Synack’s audience base and propel its brand through the podcasting sphere.

"Caspian's commitment to quality maintained our brand's reputation in the public podcasting space, avoiding amateurish DIY attempts."

Blake Sobczak
Head of Communications

Podcasting the Path to Thought Leadership: Synack's Branding Journey


Before embracing Caspian as an ally, Synack confronted a quintessential challenge – capturing a broader audience while safeguarding its brand reputation as the premier security testing platform. This necessitated meticulous content curation for podcasts.


Enter Caspian – a podcast production powerhouse aligned with Synack's vision. Caspian's reputation as a holistic podcasting partner drew Synack in. Offering a tailored experience adaptable to Synack's needs, Caspian delivered a comprehensive range of services. From orchestrating guest interactions and managing technical intricacies to crafting impeccable edits and promotional materials, Caspian's dynamic support mirrored Synack's pursuit of excellence.


The Synack-Caspian partnership offered many advantages: Synack absorbed Caspian's podcasting expertise, carving a niche in the crowded podcast landscape. Caspian's customer-centricity ensured Synack's needs were met with precision – be it a comprehensive package or specific podcasting nuances.

With Caspian as co-pilot, Synack’s podcasting journey attracted a diverse listener base while showcasing its cyber prowess. 

Key Takeaways

  • Exemplary Quality: In domains like cybersecurity where reputation rules, uncompromising standards for thought leadership initiatives like podcasts are a must.
  • Customization: A podcasting partner must offer tailored services ensures a seamless fit to distinct needs.

Deep expertise: Professional insights can pave the way to standing out in the podcasting world.

The Results

Total Downloads for Synack’s podcast, WE’RE IN!: The podcast series garnered a remarkable total of 70K+ downloads across its 39 episodes, indicating a strong level of interest and engagement.

Episode Breakdown:

  • The podcast series consisted of a total of 39 episodes, each offering insights into various aspects of cybersecurity and technology.
  • On average, each episode received over 1,800 downloads, highlighting a consistent level of audience engagement throughout the ongoing series.


Synack and Caspian's tale is a testament to podcasting's transformative potential. Synack harnessed this medium's power, offering a roadmap to greater brand recognition. With a judicious partner choice and unwavering commitment to excellence, Synack solidified its stance as a cybersecurity thought leader.