The Serialized Content Framework: How to drive pipeline with a B2B content portfolio by Ian Faison, CEO of Caspian Studios

Tune in for an exclusive sneak peak of The Serialized Content Framework, by Ian Faison, CEO of Caspian Studios. And get ideas churning for your next new content series.

Episode Summary

B2B marketers aren’t creating serialized content. But you should be.

We felt so strongly about this that we literally wrote a book about it. Well, not “we”. Ian wrote it. And we’re sharing key insights from that book with you in this episode of Remarkable.

Because you, the B2B marketer, could be capitalizing on a more efficient content strategy proven to boost sales and improve ROI. Stop making one-off pieces of content. Make a series and make marketing not only easier and more productive for you, but more bingeable and more addictive for your audience.

So tune in for an exclusive sneak peak of The Serialized Content Framework, by Ian Faison, CEO of Caspian Studios. And get ideas churning for your next new content series. This episode is going to revolutionize the way you do content marketing.

About the Serialized Content Framework

The Serialized Content Framework is an ebook three years in the making, written by Ian Faison, CEO of Caspian Studios. It answers the questions:

  1. Where is B2B marketing headed?
  2. How is Hollywood-style storytelling evolving?
  3. How do you drive pipeline from B2B content?

About Ian Faison

Ian Faison is CEO of Caspian Studios, a video podcast-as-a-service company. Ian founded Caspian Studios to help CMOs and marketing teams to create world-class podcasts and video series. Caspian Studios now produces and manages over 60 podcasts and video series across a variety of industries.

Key Takeaways

What B2B Companies Can Learn From the Serialized Content Framework:

  • Series>one-off pieces of content. You spend so much more brain power trying to come up with the newest, freshest material for every single piece of content than in creating a formula for a content series. Series are a more productive, more efficient use of your marketing team’s time and resources. Ian says that content powerhouses like Disney, Mattel and Marvel are capitalizing on this tactic. He says, “Each of these franchises is multiple seasons. It's multiple episodes within a season. And a lot of times they have other types of shows that are similar in either format, characters or universe. Then you get to market the entire franchise and your marketing is more productive over time.” B2B companies should do the same to multiply productivity and ultimately revenue.
  • Don’t always try to sell to your audience. 95% of the time, people are not in buying mode. They don’t want to be sold to. So instead, continually and consistently put quality content where your audience is. Ian says, “You want to create really good, really impactful content in that 95% of the time so that when they go into the research phase, they're already thinking of you and you're already top of mind.” This is why top of funnel content is important. Because it builds brand awareness and affinity that leads to sales.
  • Niche down. Your product is not for everyone. It is for a specific persona. So create persona-driven content for greater impact. Ian says, “The more segmented and targeted on a specific persona, the better off [your content will] be. Look at industry, look at role, look at geography.”
  • (And much more!)


*”Serialized content is so important because it compounds. By the time you get to episode 40, 50 or 60, you have this valuable back catalog of content that has been working for a long time. As you continue to grow and expand with more and more episodes, all of that back catalog starts to perform even better over time. And you can cut it up to use as derivative content. ”

*”If you're creating serialized content, for example, a video podcast, and every single week a new episode comes out, this is something that is a consistent, repeatable process to drive brand gen. It is constantly fresh, but it also is evergreen, and it impacts various parts of the funnel.”

*”If serialized content is not nested right in your go to market, then it's never going to get approved, and it's never going to get any results. It's never going to get the support and the effort that it needs. So we need to make sure that this fits right into our go to market strategy.”

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