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Did you know that a podcast marketing agency can help companies generate additional revenue? Content publishing is an increasingly important component of every B2B marketing campaign. But with limited advertising budgets, you need to know that every dollar spent on marketing is bringing in the maximum return on investment (ROI).

Content online can usually fit into one of three categories: written, video, and audio. Of the three of these, podcasting has the most potential for marketers (and can be adapted for all three mediums when done properly). 

In 2021, 41% of people surveyed listened to one or more podcasts at least monthly. This figure nearly doubled from 2018 statistics, which indicated only 26% of respondents listened to podcasts at least once a month.

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How a Podcast Marketing Agency Can Boost B2B Podcast Performance

Even though the demand for quality podcast content is high, the market is currently already saturated with dozens of bloggers and influencers in your niche. Standing out from the crowd and drawing listeners organically can be tough without the help of a podcast promotion service focused on growth marketing for podcasts. Companies may find themselves competing against many others for traffic and a place in the top Search Engine Page Results (SERPs) for their target keywords.

It’s becoming exceedingly difficult to both run a business and create content to promote that business. When marketing teams are overwhelmed, podcasts often get put on the back burner at the cost of increased customers and sales.

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How Caspian Studios Can Help

Podcast promotion companies are well-versed in what it takes to create, record, and market a successful podcast. They already have the tools in their belt to create a successful podcast from start to finish. A full-service podcast advertising company can do much more than just write scripts and upload episodes of a show onto platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. They can:

  • Optimize podcasts with highly searched target keywords
  • Repurpose recorded content into written content, such as blog posts and eBooks
  • Source and interview high-value guests to appear on the show
  • Help select and set up recording equipment
  • Mix and edit sound to create a smooth, professional-sounding audio track
  • Plan and script episodes of the show in advance
  • Transcribe recorded episodes to text for use in blogs and other written marketing materials
  • Develop marketing assets like infographics, videos and social media posts to promote the podcast
  • Reduce the overall cost of podcast marketing by streamlining various processes
  • Set realistic goals for the promotion and performance of the podcast
  • Analyze the performance of the show and advise marketing teams on any changes to make

And much more.

Your Top-Rated Podcast Marketing Agency

Caspian Studios is a podcast marketing agency offering comprehensive recording and advertising support to B2B marketing teams. From pre-production to post-production, we can help guide and support you through the process of producing a podcast.

Our goal is to allow companies to focus on other critical tasks needed to market the business while we take care of creating, publishing, and marketing podcasts. No matter the size or complexity of your project, we can provide you with consistent, reliable results every time. Our marketing agents and consultants have robust backgrounds in content creation, recording, editing, and digital advertising so we can provide you with a full scope of podcast promotion services.

Effective podcast marketing requires much more than just recording a podcast in-house and publishing it on your social media channels. Beyond ensuring that you have a professional-sounding recording, a podcast promotion service can help position your media for success before you ever sit down in front of a microphone.

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What is positioning?

Positioning is the process of planning your content ahead of time to facilitate its promotion. A good example of positioning is mixing in a question ahead of time that aligns with a specific topic that your company is focused on. In addition to having this content as part of the podcast audio, companies can clip the specific section of the conversation and use that content as marketing assets across all owned media channels. This is generally much more effective in terms of audience engagement and marketing ROI than recording a podcast and trying to position it into trending social topics after the fact.

Caspian Studios helps you create a competitive podcast marketing strategy designed to generate the best possible results. We know how important it is to wring every conversion out of your ad spend and never put time and effort into creating media assets that aren't optimized for peak performance.

Our podcast media marketing services go beyond just the recording and publishing phase. We are an all-in-one podcast creative agency that can help you:

  • Generate more brand awareness
  • Maximize the value of each content asset developed
  • Nurture and educate target users in your industry
  • Reach out to social media influencers
  • Expand your team's business and professional connections
  • Communicate value proposition to potential customers
  • Demonstrate thought leadership and market authority
  • Create an online community

We can help your team save time and money on effective marketing no matter the size of the project or what industry you're in. With our help, companies can offer their valued customers access to free educational content that positions them as a leader in their industries. Each episode we create, post, and promote for you is pre-planned to generate maximum engagement and optimize website conversions. Everything we do is part of a larger marketing strategy designed to drive results, so no effort is wasted on content that doesn't further your marketing goals.

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One-Stop Podcast Marketing Services

Podcast marketing is difficult enough without having to work with multiple companies. But if you choose a service provider that doesn't offer a full suite of podcast creation, editing, and publishing services, you may be stuck hiring more than one provider to get the job done.

When you work with Caspian Studios, you'll have a single point of contact instead of one podcast promotion company to script and lay out your storyboard, another company to record and produce the audio, and a third company to market the media assets you create. We have the capacity to complete every step in-house, so your project stays streamlined and on target with minimal effort on your part.

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What Clients Say About Our Podcast Advertising Agency

Caspian Studios has provided podcast-as-a-service to some of the largest and most well-known brands currently on the market. Just some of our award-winning clients include:

  • Slack
  • IBM
  • Zoom
  • Dell Technologies
  • Asana
  • Box
  • Intel
  • Snowflake
  • Qualified
  • Okta
  • Oracle
  • Synack
  • Vmware
  • Netskope
  • Kyriba
  • Equinix
  • Seagate
  • Coupa

Our clients are our most valuable asset and we take pride in offering them superior service designed to meet their company's unique needs. Our customers love the:

  • Ease of generating podcast ideas
  • High-quality art and design concepts
  • Perfect sound environment for flawless audio recordings
  • Compelling storytelling and scripting
  • Pre-scheduled podcast guests are handled by our staff
  • Wide variety of intro music and sound effect selections
  • Help with marketing and advertising podcasts across social media
  • Effective paid ad campaign management
  • Engaging, multi-use content that maximizes your spend

The best and brightest in multiple industries choose to work with Caspian Studios because we are professional, highly-trained podcast marketing experts who can confidently and successfully manage a company's entire podcasting department on an outsourced basis.

We define the positioning of each episode before we begin generating content to ensure that every stage of the podcast creation process aligns with how the show will be marketed later. This unique approach ensures that each content asset is optimized for the best possible performance for the topic and the timing of the content.

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Why Industry Experts Work With Podcast Agencies

Companies that are industry leaders often don't have the time -- or the skilled team members -- needed to create, publish, and market successful podcasts. Hiring a dedicated staff specifically for podcasting can be extremely costly and often isn't in the available ad budget even for larger companies with large streams of revenue. Outsourcing is not only more cost-effective, but it's also easier for teams who are already working on multiple other media and marketing goals. To make a world-class podcast in-house and achieve all of your business goals, typically costs 2-3x more than working with a podcast agency like Caspian Studios. 

Industry experts often choose to work with podcast agencies that can take on the bulk of the specialized work needed to create a podcast and complete it independently without significant guidance from the brand.

What You Get From Our Podcast Marketing Consultants

By working with Caspian Studios, you get to meet with expert podcast marketing consultants who will treat your project as if it were their own. Your consultant will guide your business through each step of the creation and recording process to produce the best quality finished audio file that can be uploaded to popular podcast platforms and social media channels. Then, your consultant will discuss your marketing goals and advertising budget and what strategy makes the most sense for your project.

We can help you:

  • Develop any concept art or logos needed for the show
  • Create and select a compelling theme for the show
  • Select the name and slogan of the show
  • Create a website where podcast audio files and transcriptions can be published
  • Syndicate podcasts to popular apps like Spotify and iTunes
  • Create email marketing campaigns to promote podcasts
  • Solicit and manage episode guests to give your content more value and variety
  • Publish accessible content with closed captions according to ADA guidelines
  • Manage and grow your audience on multiple online platforms
  • Edit audio files to remove sound errors and reduce excess noise
  • Generate advertising copy based on pre-positioned podcast topics
  • Identify and effectively market to your target audience
  • Establish and manage social media influencer marketing campaigns
  • Manage paid marketing campaigns for popular podcasts

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How Caspian Studios Is Different From Other Podcast Promotion Companies

Not every podcast marketing agency offers a full scope of planning, publishing, and advertising services. Some agencies only offer storyboarding and podcast creation help. Others help you through the recording process but don’t have the ability to assist you with promotion. Caspian Studios is proud to have a team of professional writers, editors, producers, translators, and other specialized staff that can offer you help with the entire podcasting process or any individual part of it.

At the start of your project, we offer a clearly defined map of our responsibilities and your responsibilities at each stage of the process. This helps you better understand how to organize staff on your end so you can augment your current team without overspending. Then, we take you through the podcast production process with as little or as much involvement as you want. Once we’ve developed your content assets, we’ll walk you through distribution and growth, helping you to maximize the value that each content asset brings to the table.

Schedule Your Podcast Marketing Consultation Today

Don’t hesitate to schedule a call with Caspian Studios to learn more about how podcast media marketing can help you generate brand awareness, increase traffic and conversions, and provide more actionable value to customers. Podcast content can help both product and service providers connect with the needs of their clients and offer them helpful advice that cultivates customer loyalty. Contact our team of podcast marketing experts today for additional information.