How do you make a video podcast?

In today’s world, diversification of channels and assets are key for engaging and growing your audience. If you’re a B2B company making a podcast, you should 100% be investing in creating a video podcast as well. 

Video podcast production is an additional piece to your B2B marketing portfolio, but it doesn’t require much added work from the podcast host, client, or guest. When you create a video podcast, you have to think about a few things, including how the host and guest look on camera and the equipment you’re using to capture the video.

At Caspian Studios, our goal is to make the video podcast production experience as seamless as possible for our clients and podcast guests.  We also use the same platform to record both audio and video, which we’ll dive into a bit deeper.

What do you need for a video podcast?  

To make a video podcast, you do have to take in consideration a few more things. First off, people will be seeing you, so you need to make sure you feel comfortable with how you look, but try not overthink it. 

When it comes to a video podcast, audio is still paramount. People will recognize bad audio, and if you don't have a good microphone, that can really hurt the quality. Similarly, you will need to consider the type of camera you want to use to ensure it is capturing your video in the best quality. You can even use a standard webcam, as long as the quality is up to par, ideally at full high definition. Podcast production agencies like Caspian Studios take what is captured from the recording platforms, and then use their skills and experience editing together a finished product with additional footage, graphics, and music. 

Your environment is as important as your video podcast equipment. How you set yourself up in the video frame, your lighting, and your background are all integral factors to consider when recording a video podcast. For example, it's always good to have a bright light in front of you and not behind you. Since you’ll be the center point of the video podcast, your video podcast producer will want to make sure that you're not in any shadows, or that you don't have too much light coming from behind you that makes it difficult to see your features.

When you work with a podcast production agency,  they’ll know all the best tools to use for recording your video podcast, including cameras, microphones, and lighting. Even though many recordings are done remotely, we will still make sure to set you up for success. 

This may sound like a lot of work, but recording a video podcast is pretty straightforward once you have the tools in place.

What is the easiest method of recording a video podcast?

You can get started recording a video podcast with the help of the technology you already have, and your podcast production company can help you take your podcast to the next level in a cost-effective way. As long as your laptop camera and microphone are good quality, you can start recording immediately.  Platforms like Riverside and Squadcast allow people to record video podcasts seamlessly when doing virtual interviews. 

When you work with the team at Caspian Studios, your podcast producer will ensure you have a stress-free, streamlined recording process. Once your podcast is recorded, the production team will edit it. Then it’s time to share your video podcast with your audience. 

Caspian Studios' video production team traveled to Austin, TX in January 2023 to support Datastax and the Open||Source||Data podcast at Data Day Texas. Our team provided a mobile production setup to capture high end video and audio.

Should I put my podcast on YouTube?

One question we get a lot is whether our customers should put their podcast up on YouTube. YouTube is probably the most important place to share your video podcast on. It is in many ways a search engine. Today, when people are looking to learn about something or look up new information, they’ll search directly on YouTube. Many audiences prefer listening and watching content rather than just reading it, which is where a video podcast is a huge advantage. When you share your podcast on YouTube, you’re extending its reach and allowing people to find it when they search for certain topics you cover in your podcast. 

YouTube also has incredible analytic tools that can show you where your audience is watching from, what they’re watching, how long they’re watching for, how they found your video podcast, and other basic demographics about your video podcast viewers. 

At Caspian Studios, we also produce several shorter social media snippets that are equally as important as posting longer-form video on YouTube. Shorter video snippets are a great way to promote your brand and podcast on channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. Video snippets can intrigue your audience and drive them to your website, or to your video podcast. Diversifying the platforms you share your podcast on is key.

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This article was made with consultation from Bradley Glanzrock, Director of Video Production at Caspian Studios.

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