How much does it cost to make a video podcast?

Many B2B businesses are investing in video podcasts in 2023, as a part of their broader marketing strategy. However, there is hesitation to start because they may be unaware of the costs associated with creating a video series.  

In-house video podcast production is significantly more expensive than working with a podcast production company. For example, creating one video podcast season can add upwards of $500,000 without a podcast production company. This is due to the different players involved: an executive producer/editor, growth marketing manager, booking/PR manager, lead producer/writer, audio and video engineer, and associate producer that are all required roles when creating a world-class video podcast series. 

When you work with a podcast production company, you cut costs by over half, to around $250,000 to produce one video podcast series. You can save money with a podcast production company likeCaspian Studios, that already has the team members with years of experience required to build your dream B2B video podcast. You don’t need to hire new talent to create a new series. Caspian Studios already has everything you need to integrate video podcasts into your content marketing strategy. Let’s get into it.

Should I do a podcast with video?

Many businesses might be wondering whether they should create a video podcast. The answer is yes! Think of a video podcast simply as an  additional piece to your B2B marketing portfolio. If you already have an audio podcast, creating a video podcast doesn’t require much added work from the host, client, or guest. In fact, a video podcast can hugely benefit your business and marketing strategy.

Are video podcasts better? 

Video podcasts are not necessarily better than audio podcasts. It’s all about providing options and availability for your brand and messaging, giving your listeners the power to choose how they consume your content. Consumers of content have different preferences, and it is important to make sure your marketing strategy has everyone and everything covered. Websites like YouTube provide reach to an audience and analytics that are in many ways unmatched by any other content distribution platforms.

Having both a video podcast and an audio podcast is the best approach so your audience has both options available to them. Why limit yourself? Your B2B company should have the ability to reach out and access people in various realms and platforms. This way, you’re not limiting your brand when it comes to letting your audience know who you are, what you do, and what you want them to know.

Is a video podcast worth it?

The team at Caspian Studios may be a little biased, but we definitely think a video podcast is worth it. In today's day and age of social media that allows easy access to YouTube and other visual platforms, video is truly an essential component of your B2B marketing strategy, not just an add-on. 

A video podcast should be a piece of your B2B content plan. People consume information and content in different ways— some people like to listen, some people like to read, and some people like to watch. And those are all things that your business should take into consideration when creating content. 

While people can take podcasts with them on the road, they can take videos along as well. Having a video podcast creates an additional connection between your show’s team, host, guests, and public. Websites like YouTube provide unmatched analytics that provide insight and information into who is watching, where they’re watching from, and what they watch the most. This information can help inform your content marketing and promotional strategies. 

Video also allows you to add other information that you may not be able to get through audio. Through a video podcast, we can see the faces of the show’s host and guests. We can also add graphics and text on screen to include more important information

Having a video podcast opens your business up to so many more platforms. By not limiting your content to audio podcasting, you have the ability to share your brand across YouTube and other social media outlets, as well as on your website.

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