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Produce & Publish Killer Corporate Podcasts For Your Brand 

Businesses today have more competition than ever, especially in tight digital marketing niches like B2B podcast production. According to industry research firm IBISWorld, as much as 30% of all business activity has taken place online since the pandemic in 2020. 

To perform well, companies need to create ultra-robust online presences with profiles on every major platform and smaller platforms in their respective industries. Publishing creative and valuable content for consumers is imperative for brands that want to grow their customer base and increase sales year-over-year. 

Podcasting is an important part of a competitive marketing strategy, but you may already know this or maybe even be starting your own podcast marketing campaign. But the overall quality of your podcast makes a significant impact on your listenership and traffic. 

Not publishing a podcast is better than publishing one of poor quality that may paint your brand in a negative light. Here's what to know about quality B2B podcast production and how Caspian Studios can help you create, syndicate, and market podcasts that stand miles above your competitors.

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Why Is the Production Quality of Your Podcasts Important? 

Getting into podcasting is important, but this could backfire if your podcasts are poor quality and don’t reflect the quality of your brand. Podcast listeners are looking for engaging content on the topics they care about presented in an entertaining but straightforward and easy-to-listen-to manner. Listeners need to be able to hear what you are saying but remain engaged enough so as not to become bored with the content.

For example, if your podcast audio is bad or the background music is too loud, listeners may not get very far into the podcast before turning it off in frustration. The time, effort, and money your business puts into podcasting is wasted when listeners quickly bounce to look for other content. Your podcast should feature music that is neither too quiet nor too loud, pauses that are the appropriate length of time, and speaking voices with enough inflection to draw listeners in emotionally.

B2B podcast production

Podcasting Challenges For Busy Companies 

Many companies are intimidated by podcasting, especially if they are large businesses with a high volume of customers and little time to invest in a podcast marketing strategy. Producing a podcast involves many different steps that can be a stumbling block for businesses that attempt to produce and publish podcasts for marketing purposes on their own. 

Businesses may have difficulty deciding which steps need to be completed and in what order to successfully create a podcast idea, record the show, and market these content assets, especially if no one on the team has prior experience with this type of content marketing.

Onboarding a professional podcast production company can be a great way to get your business on the playing field without putting additional responsibilities on already stretched-thin staff. 

Instead of doing everything needed to bring a podcast to fruition yourself, an experienced professional B2B podcast production agency does the heavy lifting for you. This allows your company to maintain focus on its core competencies. 

Should You Hire a Professional B2B Podcast Production Agency? 

Big companies often lack the time and staff resources to devote to podcast marketing, especially if the strategy involves a large volume of episodes and a comprehensive advertising initiative. There are several benefits to working with a professional podcast production agency that can handle the following: 

  • Booking and managing interviews with show guests 
  • Creative audio and music design
  • Podcast and interview scripting
  • Writing related content, such as show notes and social media posts summarizing each episode
  • Scheduling podcast and advertisements to be published consistently for maximum engagement and search engine exposure
  • Regular analytics and reporting
  • Post-production editing of raw audio files and supporting graphics to refine and finalize your marketing materials

Why Choose Caspian Studios 

There are many podcast agencies vying for the attention of large companies and well-known brands. However, not all corporate podcast companies offer the same quality of service. 

The agency you choose can make or break the success of your podcast marketing campaign. A low-quality podcast will likely cost just as much money as a quality podcast, if not more, but will not drive nearly the same results. In many cases, the damage to your brand from a poorly executed podcast may result in an overall loss of revenue.

Caspian Studios provides companies like yours with professional producers who have produced popular podcasts for top B2B brands like Slack, Asana, Snowflake, IBM, Oracle, Zoom, andVMWare. Our team understands the elements of a great podcast and will take you through each step of creating, posting, and marketing your podcast to maximize your return on investment (ROI). 

Our clients love how easy it is to come up with new podcast marketing ideas with our help and how straightforward the publishing and advertising process is. Our perfect sound environment ensures flawless recordings for the best possible quality audio files. We have a wide selection of music and sound effects to help make your podcast original and unique, and our creative scripting and storytelling generates maximum listener engagement. Top brands choose to work with Caspian Studios because of our commitment to outstanding service and excellent results.

One-Stop Professional Podcasting Solution  

Caspian Studios offers a one-stop shop for every stage of professional podcast production. Not only do we provide our valued clients with excellent audio quality, editing, and transcript, but we strive to create a wholly "done-for-you" customer experience. 

Our team guides you through each step of the podcast creation and production process, from the concept and recording to advertising and everything in between. We book your guests, write interview questions, conduct and record the interview, design the music and audio, create multi-use content like articles and email newsletters, and grow your audience.

Explore our Podcast-as-a-Service offering here

What We Do 

It's important to know that you're getting your money's worth when you hire a professional B2B podcast production company to create and market podcasts for your business. Not all podcast agencies offer the same level or breadth of services. At Caspian Studios, our goal is to offer clients a comprehensive podcast marketing experience that includes professional guidance through every stage of the podcast creation and advertising process. 

We work to maximize your results with each episode, so you can get the most out of your marketing budget. Our team will:

  • Cultivate and define your target audience.
  • Publish a microsite or landing page to feature your podcast episodes and show notes.
  • Help create your podcast branding, artwork, and cover images.
  • Produce and engineer podcast episodes into final audio tracks. 
  • Publish, syndicate, and distribute podcasts to all applicable websites and applications.
  • Create show notes that summarize the podcast and publish them on your website as a blog or article that can be repurposed on partner blogs.
  • Run paid marketing campaigns for each podcast that is published utilizing a variety of channels.
  • Manage paid and organic marketing strategies that are designed to appeal directly to your target audience from day one.
  • Create and publish social media videos and posts for each podcast episode.
  • Manage, build, and grow your podcasting email list.
  • Create a custom email newsletter to advertise the podcast and provide a brief recap of each episode to subscribers.
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What You Get When You Choose Caspian Studios 

The team of podcast production professionals at Caspian Studios is dedicated to creating high value marketing campaigns for top brands in a variety of industry verticals. We've developed a proven method for producing client podcasts that drive results. Here's a look at just some of what you get when you choose to work with our B2B podcast agency.


At Caspian Studios, we have a comprehensive onboarding process designed to set each of our clients up for success. We start by researching your company and interviewing your team to get to know you a little better and to establish your end goals for the podcast marketing campaign. 

Our podcast marketing experts will define your target audience demographics and develop a custom-tailored strategy to maximize user exposure to your podcast.


Our creative pre-production process helps you nail down the final artwork, music, title, and other creative elements of your podcast show. During this stage, we create a micro website or landing page where your podcasts and transcripts will be published to boost SEO and overall brand awareness within your target market.

We also: 

  • Develop podcast topics and interview questions for each episode
  • Schedule interviews and podcast recording sessions with your show guests on your behalf
  • Define the market positioning for each episode in the pre-production stage to ensure all steps to follow align with the final positioning
  • Create a compelling email sign up form and content-rich email newsletter to send subscribers that promotes your podcast and increases brand awareness across your target demographic


The production process is one of the most intimidating and confusing steps for companies today, particularly those who have not worked with raw audio files, editing software, or audio listening websites and applications. 

Our team has nailed down an effective production process that involves multiple steps designed to fully optimize your podcast both for your target audience and today's sophisticated search engine algorithms. Our team will:

  • Create your podcast using Simplecast software
  • Edit and engineer raw audio and video files
  • Remove background noise and sound errors to improve listening quality
  • Record ad read and integrations.
  • Syndicate your podcasts to popular apps like Google, Apple, Spotify, etc.
  • Publish the final podcast episodes to your website along with show notes and transcripts
  • Generate ADA-compliant closed captions to increase user accessibility
  • Create social media assets to accompany your podcast, such as thumbnail images, cover photos, graphic images, and other forms of social marketing materials

Distribution & Growth 

Establishing your brand podcast show and related marketing materials is just the beginning of the possibilities this type of advertising holds for your company. Caspian Studios can also help grow your podcast channel and listenership over time using established, smart marketing strategies that drive results.

  • Launch your podcast across multiple popular listening platforms for maximum audience exposure. 
  • Grow your podcast listenership by utilizing a wide variety of paid and organic marketing tactics.
  • Manage your email list and generate regular newsletter content to grow your subscribers month-over-month.


The money you spend on your podcast marketing campaign needs to go as far as possible in order to maximize ROI. Advertising is an important component of your overall strategy, regardless of your company's industry. However, many companies find this part of the process highly challenging, especially when there's not a lot of marketing budget left over.

Caspian Studios offers podcast advertising as part of our one-stop-shop approach. We will:

  • Create multiple advertising campaigns on different marketing channels to maximize brand exposure
  • Segment paid marketing campaigns to different parts of your audience as applicable to maximize sales within each demographic
  • Measure and analyze data to help form future advertising campaigns that may be more effective than current strategies
  • Reach out to social media influencers with large followings who can help market your product or services to their audiences

Contact Caspian Studios Today 

At Caspian Studios, we understand the power of podcast marketing and professional B2B podcast production in today's online marketplace. Purchasers are more discerning than ever and are looking for high-value, high-quality content in a variety of formats about the products, services, and topics they're most interested in. 

Whether you need to augment your company's podcast marketing department or you need a completely turnkey podcast marketing solution, we can help. Reach out to our veteran podcast production team today to learn more about how we can help your business take advantage of this highly effective form of digital marketing. 

We can help you provide actionable, tangible value to your customers and increase your overall brand awareness across multiple platforms within your target market.